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Transcendence Music Visualizer

Transport yourself away from your busy life and spend time in the outer reaches of space. Align your cortisol levels back to their base, and then simply, happily drift away on waves of calmness. It's time to be a part of the universe. It's time, to just be. Experience 16 visualizers, such as "Inside the alien mind", "3D-spiral hypnosis", "All seeing eye" and "Spiral galaxy".
Astral 3D FX Music Visualizer - Fractal Eye Candy

You can adjust the visualizations according to your taste. You can change their appearance, so they look like your own creations. Get temporary access to the settings in a simple way by watching video ads. This access will last until you shut down the app. Unlimited access is included in full version. Add an otherworldly feel to the music with this unique, stunning set of hypnotic, astral visualizations!
Alien Worlds Music Visualizer

"... This is soooo nice. I cast this to my TV and just let myself get mesmerized. It actually helps me relax very quickly. It's similar to meditation but very effective for even non-practitioners. Once relaxed I can either go to sleep or let my mind wander and spark dialogs or creative ideas! ..."